Cracow City Card

What is the CCC?

CCC is the carrier for season tickets of public transportation in Cracow.

It is possible to record a season ticket on the card (for any number of months, any line, and with validity period starting on any day of the month). Cracow City Card is valid with ID card issued together with MPK season tickets in Cracow.

Where can I buy the CCC?

You can buy one-time tickets and record tickets on your Cracow City Card with the use of those vending machines. It is also possible to buy parking tickets there for paid parking zones and to top the CCC up with parking points.

The vending machines accept coins and banknotes (PLN 10, 20, 50, and 100 notes) and they give the change.

There are also tourist information on Cracow and neighbouring areas available from the vending machines, as well as information concerning public transportation and paid parking zone. Such information is available in two languages. The vending machines have a touch screen for choosing the desired options.

Where can I check a vadility period of my CCC?

  • In the database

  • In vending machines in the city

    After you select the "Season ticket on CCC" option on the screen and insert the card into the reader, the device will display information concerning season tickets you have recorded on your card.

  • In vending machines in buses/trams

    Select "Information" and then "Cracow City Card"and place your CCC on the reader for about three seconds – the device will then display information on season tickets you have recorded on your card.

  • By ticket inspectors

    Ticket's validity period and the number of the line for which it is relevant are not printed on the CCC. Due to this, we have equipped our ticket inspectors with devices for inspecting the validity period of tickets recorded on the CCC.

    These devices are similar to payment terminals in shops. After the card is placed on the reader of the device, data concerning the ticket are displayed. Validity of the ticket recorded on the CCC can also be checked with the use of special validating machines in vehicles.

    The only information you receive is whether your ticket is valid or not. You should remember that, when checking the validity of your ticket with the use of a validating machine, you see only the commencement and expiry date of the validity period (i.e. the number of the line in which the ticket is valid is not displayed).

Information from: MPK

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