Public transport- tickets

When you are tired of traffic jams, you can choose public transport! We want to tell you, how and where you can buy tickets!


Before you buy your ticket, take some time to think about the following:

how long is the journey going to be?

who will you travel with?

are you entitled to any discounts?

do you plan on changing vehicles during your journey?

Types of tickets:

One-time tickets

1. valid in the City zone (within the borders of Cracow)

regular ticket PLN 2.50

statutory discount ticket PLN 1.25

gmina discount ticket PLN 1.35

2. valid in the City zone or in two zones (City and Outskirts – the Cracow agglomeration)

regular ticket PLN 3.00

statutory discount ticket PLN 1.50

gmina discount ticket PLN 1.70


Multi- use tickets

valid from being validated:

  • for 15 minutes

  • for 60 minutes

  • for 90 minutes

  • for 24 hours

  • for 48 hours

  • for 72 hours

  • for 7 days

More informations and prices:,123.html


Season tickets

A perfect solution for people who use public means of transport more than 30 times during the month. There are season tickets for various periods of time – from a month up until a year.

All types of personal season tickets and bearer tickets are recorded only on the following electronic carriers:


- Cracow City Card,
- electronic student identification card.


Bearer season ticket

Are you tired of collecting validated tickets from your employees and effecting financial settlements on their basis? Take advantage of our offer of bearer season tickets valid for all lines – this type of tickets can be used by several persons in turn. Bearer tickets are also valid in night transport, on all days of the month, within the administrative borders of the city and outside its borders (agglomeration ticket).

Discount season city ticket

If you are entitled to a city discount and you make use of public transportation often, it is best for you to purchase a season discount ticket. You can choose an appropriate offer for any number of months for one line, two lines, or the entire transportation network. Also, you may choose to make your ticket valid only from Monday to Friday, and also on weekends. Season discount tickets valid for all lines give you the right to make use of night public transportation.

Personal agglomeration season tickets (regular and discount)

Do you use one bus line in the City and Outskirts? Do you travel to work and back home by this line? Do you travel from Monday to Friday, or perhaps also on Sundays and Saturdays? Choose the type of agglomeration ticket which meets your needs best. There are also discounts available: personal discount ticket for one agglomeration line or for all lines of the Cracow agglomeration.



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