April Fool's Day

On April Fool's Day people like play practical jokes on each other. However, not only our family or friends play jokes! Big companies, newspaper and TV stations also do their best to fool the public. So, you have to beware of media informations. On this day don't trust anyone! What were the most famous jokes in the world?

"Spaghetti trees"

In 1957 BBC showed Swiss farm workers pulling spaghetti from "spaghetti trees". BBC told exactly that the framers were enjoying an excellent spaghetti harvest due to a very mild winter. Do you believe, that many people believed the report and asked where they could buy their own "spaghetti trees"?! :-) Anyway "spaghetti trees" would be a great business.


The color programm on black and white TV

In 1962 in Sweden people were told to pull a nylon stocking over the screen so they would be able to watch the programmes in color on balck and white TV! And a lot of people tried do this... :-)

The left- handed Whopper in Burger King

In 1998 Burger King add a new item for their menu- the left- handed Whopper! You ask, what it looked like...So, generally it was the same as a normal Whopper, apart from one thing- the burger itself was rotated 180' so that the ketchup would drip out of the ride side of the burger instead of the left :-)

The "whistling carrot" in Tesco

In 2002 Tesco advertised a "whistling carrot", which had been genetically engineered to grow with air holes down the side...The "whistling carrot" would start whistling when it was fully cooked :-)

At the end only one advice: tomorrow you should be careful!



by the "April Fool" Chris Redston and Gillie Cunningham

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