Exams at the university

If you are student, you know exactly, what is feeling stress during the exam...But the question is: Are exams really necessery? Maybe is another way to chceck our knowledge?

We always end up forgetting almost everything we learn at school anyway. At the university the same. We remember only that, what was very interesting or useful for us. We know that: we regret spending so much time at university learning things, we have never needed to know since...And now we can find out everthing on the Internet! Of course high qualifications help people get good jobs, but during the interview nobody ask for your notes at the university! So maybe the way is stop testing, how much we remember, but how fast we can find informations, which are needed? What do you think? Maybe have you got own idea for exams?


Dear Erasmus Students!

How look like exams at yours university? What is difference between polish exams/ schools and yours? Write on our Facebook!

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