Job in Krakow

When you are looking for a job in Krakow, you must know that in Poland a job interview is necessary. Sometimes employers can give you a small task. In that way they want to check your abilities and references. But don't worry- only sometimes that is stressful!

What's the best way to find a job in Cracow?


Internet (websites like:,,

employment agency services (Randstad, Manpower)

job placements for students ( Bratniak, Academica) and cereers services of the universities (for example Biuro Karier of the Jagiellonian University)


During an interview you can expect the following questions:

Are you working at the moment?

Do you have any acting work in the next 3 months?

What was your last acting job?

What other parts have you had recently?

Where do you study?

When are you avaible to start?

If you are going to an interview in a big company with a lof of offices, don't forget to wear a suit! But if you want to work in a students music club, you should wear like a student, not like an official!

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