Manage the time

Today, when we have a lot of work, very important is to manage the time. But sometimes that would be very difficult...Finally we forget about many things! How to remember appointments things you need to buy, people's birthdays... How to plan a day? We want to give some timely tips, which could be useful and helpful at the university in Poland.

1. Write a list for each day with things, which you have to do (preferably the night before or in the morning)

2. Decide on the best order to do things- sign which things on your list are the most urgent or important

3. Try to do things at a time of day to suit a type of person you are- because there are morning people and those who work better in the afternoon or evening

4. Try multitasking ( do the ironing while you watch TV, study for your test while you're travelling on the bus...etc.)

5. And don't forget: nobody is perfect!


by Chris Redston and Gillie Cunningham


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