The underground Market Square

Rynek underground permanent exhibition was opened on 24 September 2010. The exhibition "Following the traces of European identity of Kraków" is the first of its kind in Poland, and unique on a global scale too. It is a great journey through time!

"Underneath Cracow Main Square is an odyssey into past, brought to life centuries later by a group of archeologists. It is a sanctuary full of construction and architecture relics, stone paths with grooves worn by the wheels of wagons transporting goods in the times of the King Wladyslaw Lokietek, the oldest brick constructions of trading buildings, ornaments, coins, any many other objects lost or left here on purpose by the ones visiting this place ages ago."

The exhibition is like a multimedia show! 3D digital reconstructions, mannequins and  scale models, touch screens make that visit in this museum can't be boring! You can see Krakow from also 1000 years ago, in the late Middle Ages- in the time when Mikolaj Kopernik was walking about. During the journey through the time, you can see like in the vast wooden architecture of a town the distinctive white walls of over 30 roman churches stood out! Is the best hirostical lesson!

Admission fees:
regular 13 PLN
concessionary 10 PLN
group 10 PLN
schools 7 zł
family 30 PLN
guide for groups 150 PLN
guide for schools 110 PLN

Read more about Museum on the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków website: Rynek Underground

or on an official website of Rynek Underground Permanent Exhibition: Following the traces of European identity of Kraków


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