Town Hall Tower

Standing proudly and dignified, the Town Hall Tower belongs to one of the best known tourist attractions in Cracow. Immemorial seat of municipal authorities can  be only seen on engravings and paintings. Ground floor Ground  hall was formerly opulent with treasury, where insignia of councilor’s authority were stored with golden, silver and tin objects. Now we can admire here unique set of mason's characters stone masons' marks dated back to 1444.

Spacious first floor room belongs to one of the most beautiful gothic interiors in Cracow. In the summertime, this wonderful interior was used as an exhibition of present Cracow's artists' work. In the near future, there is going to be an exposition presenting the history of Cracow's municipality and its residence. Unfortunately 2nd floor’s room is not intended for sightseeing but on 3rd floor we can admire an exhibition of incredibly charming archive photographs of Ignacy Krieger, Henryk Hermanowicz and Stanisław Kolowiec presenting Cracow Main Market Square from the beginning of the last century and a huge photograph called "Self portrait of Cracovians" made on 24th of March 2004 by Ryszard Horowitz. Difficult access to the highest floor available for guests is rewarded by the ability to observe the wonderful city view. 2nd attraction is placed in the centre old clock mechanism founded by Chambers of Crafts.

In the vaults, there are remains of old town hall's basements which were used originally in many ways. Main basement room was taken by famous "Świdnicka Basement" also called "India", where city council took its profit on beer and wine sales. Its name originated from delicious Silesian beer imported from Świdnica. The name survived until the hall demolition. Since the 18th century, it has acquired a bad name in Cracow. The name was changed to "hog's" (in Polish it sounds familiar). The basement was separated by only a single wall from the city's dungeons. Next to them there were torture chambers, used for interrogations and very imaginative torture. This was a home place of a torturer, who had used various imaginative methods to get a confession.

Currently, basements have two hosts. In the tower's vaults, there is theatre "Under Town Hall", which belongs to the Popular Theatre and a cafeteria. By making this place accessible for visitors, Cracow added one more mysterious place where monumental building and the history create unforgettable atmosphere.

regular 7 PLN
half-price  5 PLN
group ticket for schools 4,50 PLN
family 14 PLN
guide in English 100 PLN per group + tickets


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phone: (12) 619-23-18, 619-23-20

The article is published with the consent and through the kindness The Historical Museum of the City of Kraków

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