ArtBoom Festival

ArtBoom Festival is a special event, when we can meet with art in a public space- art, which provokes, wonders, interacts with viewer, evokes contemplation. During the festival will present artists from whole Europe. The aim of the organisers is to create a cyclical event, which will enable permanent contact with the most interesting phenomena in most recent art.


During this edition we can see a lot of projects, which are result of  a new art- solution and creation of Workshop for Urban Re- appropriation. "The Workshop for Urban Re-appropriation (WUR) is an urban laboratory set up as part of the ArtBoom Festival. It aims to endow the event with a new form. From 2011 onwards, the festival will no longer focus solely on a one-off art explosion in the public sphere, adding subsequent elements to the urban tissue. We are now after an urban and artistic process, long-term experimentation with various forms of reaching out to the public and organising the local community. WUR is claiming the city back, giving its squares, streets, gardens and pavements back to the residents and visitors, the passers-by and the regulars, the hosts and the guests in Krakow. WUR is working with a recycled city, with all the cities within the city, with neighbourhoods and boroughs, which are pushed into the shade of historic monuments and architectural icons, and which normally only flicker on the verge of public attention, municipal budgets and politics. WUR understands broadly the idea of the city, assuming that it contains a number of ecosystems – parallel cities. WUR focuses on how they work."- we can read on ArtBoom Fetival website.

We can expect a lot fo an interesting events and meetings with various artists. Dombois Florian will relate us the urban legends, Massmix will lead the first Krakow Street Art Auction, David Cerny want to show us, what freedom means...

If you want to know more about the programm of ArtBoom Festival, click here.


Source: ArtBoom Festival

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