First day of OFF PLUS CAMERA Festival

Colin Farrel, Ed Harris and Jim Sturgess are the stars of a new film by Peter Weir! "The Way Back" openes the Off Plus Camera Festival, which just started!

"Eight years after his last film Peter Weir touches upon a topic close to the Polish audiences' hearts. For the first time somebody decided to make a film in Hollywood based on the events from Poland's 20th century history. “The Way Back” was inspired by a book written by Slawomir Rawicz "The Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom"  - a tale of heroic escape from a soviet gulag in 1940. One more time Weir talks about the limits of human endurance and the importance of the spirit. Also, Weir debates upon crucial issues such as conformity and human identity which are the topics characteristic for his productions" Press Release, February 24th 2011. Have you ever seen Peter Weir films? what do you think about that?

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